Hitting Golf’s Toughest Shots

Do you want to know the four biggest secrets why some couples reunite after a very tragic break up? Well, you have heard hundreds of advices form your friends and any sources around but still you cant seem to find the right moves. Here are four sure shots on how to win your ex back.

First, move on from such gloomy incident. Though it is a given fact that you want your ex back, it is still necessary for you to move on with your life. This calls that you live your life normally including work, a quality time for yourself should also not be neglected, religiously going to school, and even dating other individuals. By doing this, you are showing that you are able to carry yourself even without them and as a result, it shows that you are strong and such attitude is a plus. shot blasting machine

Second, give them more than enough space to breath. They asked you “some” space before, now, give them all their space. By this, they will wonder what happened to that tight grip of yours. Leave them having all their time in the world and they’ll run to you to let you want them again.

Third, enhance your looks. While you are giving them their space, use that time to beautify yourself or change your looks. This can include buying new clothes, changing hairstyles, going to the gym, and so on. Make sure you look your best once you accidentally get bumped with your ex. This will puzzle their minds and feel ill to have missed the stunning you.

Lastly, be available for a date. Nobody wants to see their ex going out on a date with a new one. Seeing you with another person will surely blast away on their face. Be sure you’ll look extra stunning every time you go out on dates like this so they go crazy on wanting you back.

It will take you so much effort to get your ex back, but think about getting it paid off if you successfully do this advices the right way.


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